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One dollar-one language 

Language has never been a barrier, more so at the homes of the poor than the rich. “I have never received more hospitality than in Africa. In a poor country you will find humanity hospitality, love, peace …. In a rich country you’ll find anger, jealousy, fear and selfishness,” he says, struggling with his English. This is one of his nuggets of wisdom he has repeated time and again

Passing thought… On Middlemen

Digitization of the world has made things more transparent. Now everybody has the tools, power and means to ‘do’ everything themselves. Data that is generated and used in various applications have really changed the ways of the world. In many ways, they have now become the  ’new virtual middleman’.

Interaction with paper… Interesting but what a waste… what happens to the paper after??

web fonts! 

Opinions are like assholes. Everybody’s got one and everyone thinks everyone else’s stinks.

The Dead Pool (1988)

Flying type

3 Kilometer type

We had a type workshop which was amazingly inspiring and  motivating. The workshop was with Hansje Van Halem, working as a freelance type designer. When on ethinks of type, one always thnks of something you could use on your computer and type paragraphs with and so on. But… here is the twist.


Budget given to us was: a BIC pen which writes 3 kms. So, how could we cleverly use this ink and design:

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what kind!

If someone asks you what kind of ………………(your profession) you would like to be (in my case, a designer), first one gets confused by the huge ocean of possibilities lying ahead of us… but somewhere within maybe you know the answer. 

I dont know what exact kind of designer I would like to be, but I knew that India is a land of opportunities. Some say land of problems, some say land of spirituality and I say opportunities. Infact my dad does. He always mentions a problem is a door opening to a newer opportunities, to meet new people and to create new things. The same way, i see India as a land of opportunities. Especially in the public sector. 

Speaking of the public sector and design… things can go slow with the multiple bosses and decision makers and the hierarchy. Also, if one works for the NGO’s, you would get paid just enough (read “less money”). So, I as a designer would like work in these sectors but to strike a balance do different kind of work which pay well.

Assignment: what kind of designer would you like to be?

Time: 2hours

time used on making this chart: 15 mins.

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